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What is a License Plate?

What is a License Plate?

A license plate or a vehicle registration plate is the sign placed on each road vehicle that shows its registration number (the official set of letters numbers used as a unique identifier). Depending on the issuing jurisdiction, plates look different. They contain symbols, colors, or slogans that vary from one state to another.

In the U.S. license plates are issued by a Department Of Motor Vehicles, an agency of the state or territorial government, by Native American tribes or by the U.S. federal government (it’s the case of cars belonging to foreign diplomats or the federal vehicle fleet).

Under the U.S. law, whenever someone moves to another state where they intend to reside indefinitely, they must register their personal vehicle again, under their new state of residence’s rules. The only people excluded from this rule are active-duty military service members and undergraduate students who live and study in a different state than their home state.

What can an Online License Plate Number Lookup Reveal?

What can an Online License Plate Number Lookup Reveal?

Although in the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act has limited the access to vehicle records, they can still be accessed for purposes likedriver safety or motor vehicle theft. Every license plate lookup conducted on could display results that include owner information, vehicle information, safety and recall information, vehicle history, vehicle description, including year, make, model, VIN and other related public records.

Please use the license plate search findings legally and responsibly. The data we displayis for your reference only and cannot be used for official purposes (academic applications, hiring, tenant screening, or security clearances) or for illegal activities such as harassment, intimidation or stalking. If you need legal copies of vehicle records or documents, we recommend approaching a DMV agency.

License Plate Lookup Frequently Asked Questions

How to perform a license plate lookup?

Just insert the license plate number and the state of registration in the search box available on Hit “Enter” and you’ll gain access to the matching public recordsextracted by our powerful lookup tool from thousands of databases.

Can you look up someone's license plate?

You can search a license plate number online, on specialized websites like and you’ll find out vehicle description,technical specs, registration year or the VIN number.

How can I find out who owns a license plate number?

Although only the police and the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) are legally authorized to trace a license plate, civilians can look up a license plate number on the official website of the issuing government agency. If you can’t find the information online, call a Motor Vehicles Agency office and tell them why you want to find a vehicle's registered owner. The quickest, hassle-free alternative is running a license plate lookup on, but keep in mind that you’ll only see public records without being able to retrieve Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Can you lookup a license plate number for free?

You can obtain detailsabout a vehicle by searching a license plate number for free, on Once you have the VIN number, you can take the research a step further and look it up on the National Insurance Crime Bureau website to see if the vehicle has been severely damaged or stolen.